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The leading edge of Post Driver design and function

Modular and Fully Interchangable Post Drivers

Mast Base Attachment

Match a Fencepro Mast, Base and/or Attachment together to build the ideal Post driver for you.
You can also add a Mast, Base and/or Attachment to your existing Fencepro Postdriver.
Fencepro Bases can be fitted to many other Post driver brands.

Fencing Contractors help develop Fencepro post drivers

Fencepro post drivers, post rammers and pile drivers are at the leading edge of both design and function, due to the ongoing research and development from a dedicated team. Every day, feedback from owners and operators in the field is listened to, discussed, and as soon as possible – put into action. This gradual but persistent refinement of the range ensures they are getting safer, faster to use, more versatile and importantly, even longer lasting. The Team at Farmgear Ltd are committed to manufacturing a world class product that suits the New Zealand fencing market down to the ground.


Only the best quality materials are used in the manufacture of Fencepro post drivers. An example is the mast steel which is grade 350 from Onesteel from Australia, produced especially for Farmgear Ltd. 

The latest manufacturing techniques and technology is utilised in the manufacture of these robust machines. The use of computer aided design (CAD) and laser cutting technology ensures all Fencepro post drivers are built with the consistant quality that guarantees long life. These are the best postdrivers for sale on the New Zealand market and cannot be beaten on value or long term ownership.