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Fencepro Post Driver Attachments

Fencepro Rock Spikes, Augers, and Rock Drills

Fencepro have an attachment for every soil type, (or some cases type of rock) that make up the landscape, not only in New Zealand but globally.

Sometimes a combination of a Rock Spike and a Rock Drill is required to efficiently put fence posts in difficult terrian. However, whatever substrate is under you, there is an attachment to tackle it.


The Fencepro Rock Spike can be removed and replaced by a hydraulic auger. Also has a chain hitch to act as a post puller.

Rock Drill

The Fencepro Rock Drill is specially designed to tackle the worst ground conditions possible, regardless of the substrate.


75 mm to 200 mm diameter augers. Mount to Rock Spike or as a separate mast mounted unit. All models of Fencepro post drivers are designed to fit a wide range of options.


The Post Lifter Kit Bolts onto the side of the Mast, and has a single ram with 6 ton of lifting power. This option can be mounted to any post driver in the Fencepro range.

Pin and Chain with Rockspike Guide

The Fencepro Post steering Kit fits the Ultra G4 model only. Instead of guiding the post with a post cap, this uses pins and a chain to steer the post straight.

Chainsaw holder

The Chainsaw Holder bolts to the SM900 side mount unit, and also to the RB800 rotational Base. Rubber lined - it protects the chain and makes chainsaw storage safe and convenient.

Postdriver A-Frame Stand

The Fencepro A-Frame stand is a safe and convenient way of staoring a mast when there isn't a post handy, or when not attached to a side mount unit.

Heavy Duty Post Cap

50 mm solid steel construction. Standard with all Rock Spike Extractor fitments and optional on Mule and Ultra Series. Standard cap is 25 mm steel.

Hydraulic Leg Ram

All models of Fencepro post drivers are designed to fit a wide range of options. Most options can be fitted at a later date.

RSE Hydraulic Turner

A Trunion ram is used to swing the Rock Spike extractor into position. Can be fitted to either near or far side RSE configurations.

Reversible Side mount Linkage

The reversible linkage on the SM900 sidemount allows the post driver to be mounted to either the left or the right side of the tractor.

Hinge Mast Ramming Adapter

The Fencepro Hinge Mast Rammer Adapter is a great innovation which allows the Ultra G3 and G4 post drivers to work while the mast is still in the folded (transport) position.

Leg Roller

The Fencepro Leg Roller replaces the feet on any model when used with a sidemount unit. Ideal for roading, and any time you want to reduce the friction with the ground. As it rolls rather than sliding, damage to the ground is eliminated.

Attachments for all Conditions

Contact the Fencepro team to discuss the best attachments for your soil type and terrain. Sometimes you need both a Rock Spike Extractor and an auger or rock drill.