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Fencepro Post Driver Bases

Make fencing even faster and easier - add a base to your Fencepro Post Driver

Fencepro have a wide range of bases that attach to your post rammer to improve the efficiency of the machine during everday use. Chhose from side mounted, rear shift, Orchard and Vineyard bases, Digger Mounts, or the 180 degree rotating base for the Ultimate Fencing Solution.

SM420 and SM600

The Fencepro SM420 and SM600 are designed to fit between the rows in orchards and vineyards. They are essentially the same, just dimensionally different.


The SM900 sidemount unit makes fencing faster, safer, and easier as you can drive down the line without backing up to the fence post. Plus you have all your tools with you.


The SM1000 is designed for fencing contractors who need the smoothest but most heavy duty sidemount unit they can buy.

Ultra Glide Rearshift

The Fencepro Utra Glide rear shift is extremely compact, keeping the post driver close to the tractor, ideal for steep country fence lines. 300 mm travel.


The Ultra Series have the 350 mm mast shift standard, a 250 mm version is an option on the Mule. The feet do not move, the mast slides across the beam.

Digger Hitch

The Fencepro Digger Hitch connects your post driver to your digger. The post driver can continue to be used on either a tractor or a digger with this hitch.


The new Fencepro RB800 180 degree rotating base can be fitted to the Mule and Ultra series post drivers. A revolutionary design means you are never out of position.


The Fencepro PB650 is a 130 degree rotating base that fits the full range of fencepro post drivers. The hydraulic legs lift the post driver up off the ground so rotation is quick and effortless.

Fencing made easy

Choosing the best base for your Post Driver will make a huge difference to the number of posts you can put in every day. Give us a call to talk through the benefits of each Base to maximise the benefits of increased efficiencies.