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FencePro Testimonial – Dan Woodney Fencing

In this video, we catch up with Dan Woodney about his experience using the FencePro products, and dealing with the FencePro team. Dan run's 2 FencePro set-up's: An Ultra G2S + RB800  alongside an Ultra G2 + SM900 combination.

Farmtrader Test

Farmtrader Magazine went to Glen Murray in the North West of Waikato to do a test on The new Fencepro RB800 180 degree Rotating Base post driver. The owner is Campbell Bryce of Hill Country Fencing. The post driver on the RB800 Base is the Ultra G3 with Rock Spike and Rock Drill.

Damian Scoon is a Fencing Contractor based in Canterbury NZ. He has multiple FencePro machines, and has delt with the FencePro team for a long time, here is what he had to say.

In this video, Hawkes Bay Farmer Nick Dinneen shares his stories from Cyclone Gabrielle. The cyclone ripped through New Zealand in February 2023, and had a devastating effect on thousands of lives. 

FencePro Testimonial – Maxted Fencing

In this Video, FencePro Rep, Tobi Currie chats with Burne Maxted about his Fencing Contracting Business and his FencePro Ultra G2S + SM900 setup. Burne is a Fencing Contractor based in the Manawatu (NZ)

FencePro Testimonial – JR Collins Contracting

Julian Collins is a professional fencing contractor in the Manawatu area who uses both a bulldozer and a tractor to construct a wide variety of agricultural fences. The soil types sometimes change even on the same farm so Julians team need post drivers that adapt quickly to the conditions.

In this video, FencePro attends the FCANZ working bee in Hawkes Bay. This event was in view of helping out farmers who have been badly effected by Cyclone Gabrielle.


Customer focused

Fencepro Post drivers are designed from the ground up with the operator in mind. Watch the Burne Maxted video Testimonial above to see why owners love Fencepro rammers.