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PB650 Rotating Base

The Fencepro PB650 is a hydraulic rotating base that pivots around the back of the tractor. It rotates from the normal side mount position right around so you can often reach a post on the left side of the tractor. The 650mm extension works the same as a side mount, but added to the rotation crates a strike zone that is huge.

The Base fits the full range of Fencepro masts – it is quite common for contractors to upgrade their side mount units to the PB650 to get the extra hitting zone.

PB650 weighs 400kg, and is super compact so the post driver is kept close to the tractor. This Base will transform your fencing operation and massively increase your efficiency.

Standard Features

  • 130 Degree Rotation with rubber end stops.
  • 650mm extension
  • Right side hydraulic leg. This leg lifts the post driver mast off the ground when rotating.
  • Hydraulic Toplink to the tractor
  • Lockable Toolbox
  • Towbar
  • Requires 4 extra valves to operate.


  • Hydraulic left leg – requires an extra valve
  • Removeable Counter weights


Optional removeable counterweights and Hydraulic Left leg shown in the photo below.


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