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Rock Spike Extractor System

The Fencepro Rock Spike Extractor system suits terrain with loose rock in the soil. This is typical of conditions in Canterbury. The flat bottom on the rock spike smashes its way through the rocks so the post can be rammed in straight. Mostly, the posts are pointed when using a Rock spike, and often water is placed in the pilot hole as well to help fracture the ground.

The Fencepro Rock spike Extractor can be mounted on either side of the mast, and either manually operated or hydraulically swung into posistion. and  removed and replaced by a hydraulic auger. There is also a chain hitch so the Extractor can be used to pull posts out.

The common Rock spike size is 90mm, however a 120mm is available. The Rock spike can be removed from the cradle, and replaced with the Rock Drill. 


Heavy Duty Post Cap

The heavy duty postcap is a standard fitment with the Rock Spike Extractor.

RSE Turner Ram

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