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Side Mount 1000

The Fencepro SM1000 has nylon slides, and is building on past success of the fencers favourite - the SM900 sidemount unit. It’s a beefy version of the dependable SM900, with Fatter side channels (150mm), 320kg counter
weight, replaceable pin collars, and some extra gussets. It delivers an impressive 1000mm of travel.
The action is incredibly smooth thanks to the UltraGlide Slide Bearings.
Fencepro’s UltraGlide system uses low friction, low wear plastic slide bearings. So easy to adjust and replace, they are located away from the worst dust & dirt so they last longer.
The designers at FencePro made sure these bearings (wearing element), stay in full contact with the slide surface (non-wearing) at all times. It means they wear evenly, and last longer, keeping your machine running beautifully.

•  320 KG Counterweight 
•  Spade holder
•  Hand rammer holder
•  Spinning Jenny holder
•  Towbar tongue
•  Adjustable height foot
•  Toolbox options
•  Hose guide
•  Adjustable and replaceable Nylon wear pads
•  1000mm travel

There is also an option to have reversable side mount linkage on the SM1000 side mount unit. 


Reversible Linkage

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