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Side Mount 900

A very popular option far all models. The 300 KG counterweight under the box ensures a sidemounted post driver is balanced. Putting in posts whist driving down the fence line and easily nudging the post up to the guide wire makes straight fences a breeze. Having all your tools with you is also super efficient.

At any time, the sidemount can be quickly removed - (it has Quick release hydraulic fittings). The post driver can then be mounted directly to the tractor if you are fencing down a narrow line where you have to straddle the guide wire with the tractor.

•  Counterweight 
•  Spade holder
•  Hand rammer holder
•  Spinning Jenny holder
•  Towbar tongue
•  Adjustable height foot
•  Toolbox
•  Hose guide
•  Adjustable wear pads
•  900mm travel

 Fencepro recommend fitting a valve bank with at least one spare valve if it is likely any options such as a sidemount are likely to be added later on. Please specify which model Fencepro you are adding this unit to as the 3 point linkage spacing vary.

Reverse Linkage From Left Side 11 Web

Reverse Sidemount With Rammer On Left Side Crp

Reverse Sidemount With Twin Toolboxes Web

Side Mount SM 900 Toolbox With Lid Clean Cut Web

SM 900 Sidemount Clear Web

There is also an option to have reversable side mount linkage on the SM900 side mount unit. See it here.


Ultra G2


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