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Fencepro Ultra G2S

When you take NZ’s most popular contractors postdriver (Fencepro Ultra G2) and add the newest innovations, you get the smoothest operating postdriver available. The Ultra G2S is designed with the same fundamentals as the Ultra G2 but has the extras that will increase the life of the machine and it is incredibly smooth to operate.

Ultra Glide Mast shift

Velvety smooth operation with adjustable nylon slides that are fully replaceable. this is truely a pleasure to use. takes your post driver to the next level.

Single Top Pulley

The 330mm single top pulley runs smoother and helps extend the rope life.This has proven to work well on the Ultra G3, the difference being 9mm ropre instead of 11mm. 


The Ultra activeblock has zero rope whip, and longer rope life. The Activeblock paired with the 330mm top pulley gives you the smoothest machine around.

Faster, Smoother and Safer.

The Ultra G2S was developed after some contractors who owned Ultra G2 models asked Fencepro if they could make The G2 with nylon inserts in the mast shift, increase the rope life, and reduce the rope whip. The answer was the Ultra G2S. The combination of the single top pulley, the Ultraglide mast shift and the Activeblock met these objectives. Making it the smoothest fencing rig available.

The Ultra G2S suits the RB800 Rotating Base

The Ultra G2s still has all the options available as the Ultra G2, so can easily be adapted to all terrain and soil types. As you will notice in the photos above – several contractors have matched their Ultra G2S with the RB800 180-degree rotational Base. This creates a phenomenal rig that is never out of position – enabling them to get more posts in the ground every day.


RB800 Rotational Base
Side mount Unit – 900 mm travel (SM900)
Side mount Unit – 420 mm travel (for vineyards)
Rear shift unit – 250 mm travel
Rock Spike Extractor System
Near side mounted manual positioning
Near side mounted Hydraulic Turner
Far side mounted manual positioning (new)
Far side mounting Hydraulic Turner
90 mm or 120 mm Rock Spike
Hydraulic auger – with its own lift ram or mounted to the Rock spike Extractor
75 mm, 100 mm,150 mm or 200 mm augers
Rock Drill with Planetary drive motor (mounts on Rock spike extractor)
Telescopic extension for Rock Drill (auger hole 1500 mm deep)
100 mm, 150 mm and 200 mm Rock Drill augers
300 KG Block upgrade
4.8 m mast upgrade
Leg roller kit for side mount unit (ideal for roading and hard ground)
Post Lifter Kit
4.5 metre hydraulic hinged mast
6 bank valve (1 spare port, mostly used on sidemount unit)
Hydraulic top link and side tilt
350mm mast shift
Height adjustable feet
75 mm diameter mast pivot pin
External pressure relief valve
9 mm wire rope
53° side tilt and wide angle top link


RB800 180 Degree Rotational Base

Rock Drill

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